Pangaea fighting AIDS locally and globally

Pangaea honors community leadership in the fight against AIDS in Oakland and around the world. Please visit the webpages linking to listed events, participants, reports and press releases for information on current efforts associated with this World AIDS Week (December 1-7).

UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO) have just reported that there are currently 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV. Of these, 16.7 million are girls and women. Each day, 7000 people contract HIV, that’s nearly 300 every hour.

Ben Plumley, CEO of Pangaea said, "There are no separate domestic and international epidemics: There is one global AIDS epidemic. While HIV affects societies around the world very differently, World AIDS Day is a reminder that we must come together, share, and act on our best thinking to defeat this virus."

Pangaea looks forward to continually advancing the health and well-being of people most affected by the global AIDS pandemic, and celebrates the local and global efforts toward achieving this goal.

Please see below for the Pangaea Press Release for World AIDS Week 2012.

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