Past Projects


  • Pangaea Played Key Role in the Establishment of the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University


Sexual transmission continues to contribute 76% of new HIV infections while mother to child transmission contributes 22%. Currently, estimates indicate that over 100,000 new infections occur annually (during 2008, an estimated 110,694 new HIV infections occurred countrywide and approximately 61,306 people died from AIDS related illness in 2008). There is evidence of trends of apparent reversals in uptake and practice of preventive sexual behavior in the general population, especially among adults and men.

Source:  UNGASS, Uganda Progress Report, April 2010


  • Comprehensive HIV and Drug Treatment for IDUs in Ukraine


Expansion rates of access to antiretroviral therapy in Ukraine remain low so far. According to recent estimates, almost 23,000 patients needed antiretroviral medication in 2009 whereas 15,871 received it. The rate of treatment of active injecting drug users remains limited (according to 2009 data, only 7.5% of the total number of those receiving ART) because of insufficient availability of substitution maintenance therapy, and hence problems with forming adherence to ART.

Source: UNGASS, Ukraine Progress Report, April 2010

35.4 million people worldwide are living with HIV (UNAIDS, Global Report 2012)

18.6 million women worldwide are living with HIV (UNAIDS, Global Report 2012)

1.6 million AIDS-related deaths in 2012 (UNAIDS, Global Report 2012)

6,300 People contract HIV every day - nearly 262 every hour (UNAIDS Global Report, 2012)