Pangaea researchers have led the development of SHAZ! (Shaping the Health of Adolescents in Zimbabwe) – an HIV prevention intervention and research study in Zimbabwe that empowers adolescent female orphans to avoid sexual risk behaviors by improving economic opportunities and linking them to life skills-based HIV education and clinical care. As a resource for others in the field, Pangaea is pleased to be able to make available the SHAZ! Facilitator's Guide.

The guide is presented in two forms -- the first focused on primary prevention for participants who are HIV negative and the second on secondary prevention and improved/positive living for infected individuals. The SHAZ! Life Skills curriculum aims to provide Discussion Group Facilitators with ideas and information that guide discussion around communication, relationships, reproductive health, sexuality, HIV/AIDS information and prevention, confronting the reality vs risk, strategies for negotiating and violence against women. This guide prepares adolescent girls and women to take action to protect themselves and promote their own health.