Denmark has played an important role in the Global AIDS response. However, at the same time that the Danish government agreed to implement the SDGs, it announced that it has also prepared a finance act that proposes dramatic cuts in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

We understand that this includes a planned yearly cut of 65 million DK to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for 2015 and 2016 (almost $20 million USD), despite the promises made by the Danish Prime Minister and Nordic heads of state during US President Obama’s 2013 visit to Stockholm and the pledge made at the Global Fund Replenishment meeting in 2013. The Global Fund is the mechanism through which more than 8 million people have accessed life-saving HIV medicine over the last decade. It provides preventative treatment so that women living with HIV can have HIV-negative babies, and it supports prevention and harm reduction services to underserved populations. Your government is putting these gains at risk and letting people down.

On top of this, the Danish Government proposes to end its contributions to the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, end funding for the International Partnership for Microbicides and International AIDS Vaccine Initiative that advance scientific research in microbicides and AIDS vaccines, as well as decreasing its contributions to UNAIDS, and bilateral support to HIV/AIDS and health programs in high prevalence countries.

These cuts are in sharp contrast to what global leaders committed to in New York in September With ninety other international NGOs, we call on the Danish Government to deliver on the promises it has made to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals, and reverse the threatened cuts to the global AIDS response – and the Global Fund, in particular.

For more information and to read the Open Letter from Civil Society Organizations Around the World please visit the following link