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Pangaea 2001-2017

A hallmark of Pangaea has been our ability to respond nimbly and evolve in response to the changing nature of the global AIDS epidemic.

Such a time is upon us again.

With dramatic changes in the funding landscape for global health - and HIV particularly - as well as the growing consolidation of organizations with similar values and missions, the Board of Pangaea and I have taken a hard look at how best our mission can be delivered.

We have concluded it is time for Pangaea to wind down as an independent organization, and for our Oakland office to close.

Our Zimbabwe office will continue as an independent Zimbabwean Trust, and we are working with partners now to ensure the vitality and sustainability of its important work.  We are also finalizing agreements with partners to take over our technical assistance in Laos and China.

These moves are fully aligned with our deeply held commitment to foster long term program sustainability and ownership by our country partners.  Our policy and advocacy live on in the commitment of organizations and individuals around the world who are dedicated to building robust and effective AIDS responses with and for those communities most affected by the virus.

Pangaea came into existence because of the extraordinary commitment of the citizens of the Bay Area to support people around the world defeat this epidemic. In our early years, we helped establish the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala, Uganda and assisted South Africa, Rwanda, China and Ukraine set up HIV treatment programs. We then expanded our work to make available more broadly high quality HIV treatment to people living in resource constrained settings, to expand PrEP to adolescent girls and young women in Zimbabwe, and to men of color who have sex with men in Oakland, and in our collaboration in China to strengthen HIV services for gay men and people who inject drugs, as well as translating the experience of Chinese HIV community leadership to breast cancer awareness.

I am deeply grateful for the leadership and contributions of all of our staff, consultants and Board, whose commitment to our mission has been unwavering. 

But above all, everyone at Pangaea is deeply grateful to you for your support over the years, without which none of this could have been possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

With deepest thanks and warmest regards,


Our Mission

Pangaea Global AIDS builds partnerships that improve the lives of people living with and most at-risk for HIV to ensure equitable access to prevention, testing, treatment and care.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, we work with partners around the world to implement sustainable, comprehensive and evidence-informed programs through technical cooperation, research, policy and advocacy.

37 million People worldwide are living with HIV (amfAR Statistics 2014: Worldwide)

16 million Women living with HIV (United Nations Statistics 2014)

15 million People living with HIV having access to antiretroviral therapy (amfAR Statistics 2014: Worldwide)

5,600 People Contract HIV every day - more than 230 every hour (amfAR Statistics 2014: Worldwide)